Noise of time

Julian Barnes | Vintage Publishing | LIBRI IN LINGUA ORIGINALE

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In May 1937 a man in his early thirties waits by the lift of a Leningrad apartment block. He waits all through the night, expecting to be taken away to the Big House. Any celebrity he has known in the previous decade is no use to him now. And few who are taken to the Big House ever return. So begins Julian Barnes's first novel since his Booker-winning The Sense of an Ending. A story about the collision of Art and Power, about human compromise, human cowardice and human courage, it is the work of a true master.


Consigliato da Marta “Everyone had always wanted more from him than he was able to give. Yet all he had wanted to give them was music. If only things were so simple.” Julian Barnes stupisce con una nuova prova che, attraverso la figura del compositore Sostakovic, dedica all’infinito e mai risolto rapporto tra Potere e creazione artistica, emblematica rappresentazione dell’infinito e mai risolto contrasto tra aspettative altrui e personali ambizioni. In uscita quest’estate per Einaudi.